black aluminum tread plate

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Aluminum Tread Plate

black aluminum tread plate

black aluminum tread plate

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Black aluminum tread plate

Black aluminum tread plate also known as diamond plate or checker plate.

Black aluminum tread plate that has non-stamped preformed treads. Made of an aluminum / manganese alloy,Black aluminum tread plate is used as scuff (kick) plates, running boards, mud flaps and more. It cuts cleanly, leaving a smooth edge. Tread plate's protective treads also help maintain its good looks and make it easy to keep clean.

Featuring our top-quality black aluminum tread plate that has a semi-gloss black coating with PVC protection. It is highly suitable for many practical and decorative applications including floors, walls, trailers, garages, gyms, and more.

Our black aluminum tread plate sheets are pressed aluminum sheets bearing a raised tread pattern on one side and are then coated in semi-gloss black for an edgy, modern look. tread plate is also called tread plates, checker plates, and/or durbar plates. Here at Huawei aluminum, our sheets are top quality and even our modern-looking raised tread pattern gives you a striking look. A great benefit of aluminum tread plate is that it is weather and corrosion-proof, easy to clean, and skid-resistant. This makes them suitable for a wide variety of applications for both indoors and outdoors.

This material is typically used for both industrial and domestic purposes due to its high strength, low cost, malleability, and machinability. It is commonly used as a form of safe, resilient flooring and can also be used as a light construction material.

On top of being durable and non-slip, many use our black aluminum tread plate for cosmetic applications due to its attractive appearance and shiny finish. Many companies use it for flooring or wainscoting to add some contrast or even highlight parts of the space. One of our personal favorite applications for aluminum tread plate is using it as wainscoting in car showrooms.

Its tread texture gives excellent anti-skid properties, and it is often used in industrial settings for stairways, catwalks, ramps, and walkways where wet conditions may otherwise pose a risk of sliding or falling. These non-slip properties also make it a common solution for ambulance floors and for the footplates of firetrucks, as well as domestic truck beds and trailer floors.

tread plate can also be used for wall panels, counter tops, tiling for other surfaces, and various architectural uses. Since it is easy to machine along with being robust and attractive, tread plate tool boxes are another popular application. It is frequently employed to finish edges and corners of items made of other materials, where an extra element of wear-resistance is required. When fitting tread plate in sheets or angles, care should be taken to select the right materials for fixing. Zinc-plated screws can be used, but aluminum rivets or other fixings may contribute to corrosion due to the differing electrolytic properties of the metals. If in doubt, seek advice and be sure to match materials appropriately to avoid long-term problem