printed aluminium foil

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Aluminum Foil

printed aluminium foil

printed aluminium foil

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  1. Alloy:8011
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  3. Thickness:
  4. Port of Loading:
  5. Certificated:ISO9001:2015
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Requirements for pre printing design

First: when printing on aluminum foil with ordinary ink, the color on the impression shows non-metallic or metallic luster.

Natural (silver) aluminum foil + transparent yellow ink in gold

Printing in the form of a negative plate, not only can you get the metallic luster of the picture and text, but also can be combined with a variety of color pictures and text to form a picture.

Second: printing with different transparency inks can obtain different degree of imprinting gloss.

Silver aluminum foil paper + white ink have better effect

But the golden aluminum foil + white ink is earthy yellow

According to the characteristics of aluminum foil paper, different luster should be applied to the same picture in the design, and unique artistic reproduction effect will be obtained.

Third: if there is a four-color overprint dot image, it should be designed as a small area, not a large area of four-color overprint.

Because of the poor absorption of aluminum foil paper, ink drying is slow. All kinds of spot color printing should be adopted, which is simple and can make the printed pattern more saturated and have better effect.

In a word, when designing the printing picture on the aluminum foil, we should understand some characteristics of the aluminum foil paper and its printing process, make full use of the characteristics of the aluminum foil itself, and reflect the luster of the metal aluminum as much as possible.

When designing the pattern, it is not suitable to choose the tone with strong covering power of large surface, otherwise it can not reflect the metallic luster of aluminum foil, and it will consume a lot of ink.

Transparent ink shall be selected for design color to conduct monochromatic or overlapping printing on aluminum foil, and more than three times of overlapping printing shall be avoided.