Aluminum Fin Stock

Aluminum foil,foil stock is mainly made from alloy 1100, 3102, and 8011. Aluminum Fin Stock is mainly used to manufacture the fins production of heat exchanger such as air conditioner, evaporator and no frost evaporator.

Aluminum Foil

Aluminum Fin Stock

Aluminum Fin Stock

Rated 88 out of 100
  1. Alloy:1100, 3102, 8011
  2. Width:500-1280mm
  3. Thickness:0.01-0.3mm
  4. Port of Loading:qingdao
  5. Certificated:ISO9001:2015
  6. Price:$

Technical Specifications

  1. Thickness: 0.01-0.3mm
  2. Width: 500-1280mm
  3. Material (alloy): 1100, 3102, 8011
  4. Temper: O, H22, H24, H26

We can supply 1000series,8000series aluminium foil,etc.we also can supply according to customer's requirements.

Aluminum Fin Stock application:

For air conditioner, refrigerator condenser and evaporator fins production coated aluminum foil/ fin stock is mainly used for the fins production of heat exchanger, such as air conditioner condenser & evaporator, no frost evaporator/fin type evaporator of refrigerator, commercial refrigerator condenser & evaporator, car air conditioner condenser & evaporator etc.,

NODenominationFinal applicationTemperThicknessWidthInner diameterOutside diameter
1Prime Aluminum FoiksFor Double Zero Aluminum foils materials1200/1235/8011

2Household foilsSoft packing in household8011--O0.01-0.02200-70075400/760
3Cable foilWraping for cable1145/8011,O0.15,0.2400,450, 50075760
4Pharmaceutical foilPacking for cable8011--H180.020400-60075760
5Aluminum fin stockHear exchanger and condensator for A/C8011--H24,O0.1-0.13400-1000150760
6Cigarette foilPacking for cigarette1235--O0.0065-0.007460,52075400
7Thin foil for deep-processingFoil with thickness less than ten micron applied in surface of packing materials8011/1235--O0.0065-0.007460-100075400
8Thick foil for deep processingSeal for beer bottle1145/8011,O0.0115300-60075/150400/760
Shield for video cable0.01-0.01250075400
Aluminum adhesive tape0.2-0.06300-60075/150400/760
9Semi-rigid container foilFood container applied in aviation8011/3003--H240.06-0.09300-60075760
10Foil for automobile radiatorWater tank radiator in automobile8011/1050--H180.08-0.10140-60075760
11Foil for hot sealHot seal cover for acidophilus milk and other beverage1145/8011--O0.02-0.038400-60075760