large aluminum discs

Henan Huawei Aluminum Co., Ltd is a leading large aluminum discs manufacturer from China. As a powerful supplier, We have 15 years of experience in producing large aluminum discs.

Aluminium Circle

large aluminum discs

large aluminum discs

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  1. Alloy:1050, 1060, 1100, 1070, 1200
  2. Width:100mm-1500mm
  3. Thickness:0.3mm-10mm
  4. Port of Loading:Qingdao
  5. Certificated:ISO9001:2015
  6. Price:$

large aluminum discs description

large aluminum discs products can be seen everywhere in our lives, for example, the cookware we use every day, the lamp cover at home and traffic signs on roads. We can say that the application of aluminum discs products is numerous, and many industries will use it, even aerospace equipment and some sophisticated electronic instruments.

large aluminum discs Diameter Tolerances

aluminum circleBlanked and Sheared Circle Products
Thickness(mm)Diameter Range (D)(mm)

D <= 455455 < D <=1000< span="">1000 < D <=1200< span="">
.4 - 6.0+/-.079+/-.099+/-.015
*The maximun dimension may vary according to individual specifications

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