commercial strong kitchen aluminium foil paper

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Aluminum Foil

commercial strong kitchen aluminium foil paper

commercial strong kitchen aluminium foil paper

Rated 90 out of 100
  1. Alloy:8011
  2. Width:50-1730mm
  3. Thickness:0.008-0.2mm
  4. Port of Loading:
  5. Certificated:ISO9001:2015
  6. Price:$

Kitchen Aluminium Foil for food

  1. Environmental Protection

    It is very common to hold food in aluminum foil paper tray. Although aluminum foil paper tray is a disposable tableware, its composition is aluminum, which is less harmful to nature.

  2. Barbecue

    Some foods (such as: sweet potato, mushroom, etc.) must be wrapped in aluminum foil to avoid burning. Wrapped with aluminum foil to cook seafood, mushrooms, vegetables, etc., can retain the fresh taste.

  3. Oil Absorption

    Turn the aluminum foil into a ball and open it to absorb the oil in the soup. The principle is to crease the surface tension of aluminum foil paper.

kitchen aluminium foil

Kitchen Aluminium Foil for kitchen cabinets

  1. Convenient cleaning in the future

    We all know that one of the main uses of aluminum foil paper is to wrap food for barbecue cooking. Aluminum foil paper can be used to make many foods, such as grilled fish, grilled eggplants, enoki mushrooms and various seafood. The advantage is that it not only keeps the food delicious, but also prevents oil from getting on the oven.

    It can be seen that we can know that aluminum foil paper has the effect of blocking oil stains, so we put a layer of aluminum foil paper on the bottom and compartment of the cabinet, and usually put some seasonings, soy sauce, cooking oil, etc. in the cabinet, even if not Spread it out carefully, it is also very easy to clean up, to prevent oil from eroding the cabinet body, and to extend the life of the cabinet. When cleaning, you only need to replace the aluminum foil paper, and the cabinet is still as clean as new.

  2. Avoid water vapor erosion

    Aluminum foil paper not only has the effect of resisting oil stains, but also it can effectively isolate water vapor. We all know that cabinets are made of wooden boards, and wood boards are most afraid of water vapor. If the cabinet is exposed to water vapor for a long time, the cabinet board is prone to mold and warp, causing the skin to fall off. It can effectively isolate the water vapor under the water tank and play a certain water-sealing effect.

  3. Prevent water leakage

    To prevent the leakage of water pipes in time, the bottom of the cabinet can be easily soaked, moldy, or even rotten, so that the kitchen is not easy to clean, and it will cause bacteria and ants to breed.

  4. Avoid scratching the cabinet

    The cabinet is always a wooden board. After using it for a long time, the wooden board is easily covered with scratches. After coating with aluminum foil at this time, it is equivalent to forming a protective film. Filming on the surface of the mobile phone is also a principle. Even your cabinet After decades of use, the cabinets are still

kitchen aluminium foil